I would have liked to have had at least 1 USB 2. I also purchased the Dell D via Dell. Once again though, the fact that the fan rarely runs means that this issue is not as problematic as it could be. Showing no signs of flex and providing solid travel with minimal noise, the D has proven to have the best keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of using. Visit our network of sites:

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Nevertheless, for those who value weight and battery life more on this later over performance, the compromise wirelesss still be acceptable. I would have liked to have had at least 1 USB 2. This has actually been the first time I have not been forced to perform a clean OS reinstall with a new system, and I hope to see this repeated more often. Send your laptop to the Dell Experts!

We use your Dell service tag to identify which parts were originally shipped with your laptop from Dell. Although not included on my model, one such feature that stands out is the optional UPEK finger print reader that can be incorporated between the two lower mouse buttons.

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Only 10 left in stock – order soon. Battery The battery on the Dell D has a built-in chage indicator view large image The D can be equipped with a 4-cell, 6-cell, or 9-cell battery.

The Dell Wireles D is a With this information we can show you exact match replacements and compatible replacements. Invaild Dell Service Tag, laittude your entry and try again. Processor, Performance, and Storage Performance will likely be the key point of controversy for those considering the purchase of a D While the usefulness of this feature is up for debate, it is certainly a welcome addition. Wi-Fi Catcher for detecting wi-fi hot spots view large image Speakers and Headphones As a machine designed for business use, the D provides only a single speaker in the dll left corner that provides expectedly underwhelming sound with poor overall clarity.


Moreover, the lid seems well reinforced, with pressure on the back of the lid not causing the LCD screen to become distorted on the other side. Dell Laritude D with Samsung screen view large image. I also had the 6-cell battery and when timed I got almost exactly 3-hours of usage when having the screen brightness set to half and wi-fi on.

Performance will likely be the key point of controversy for those considering the purchase of a D The D offers a reasonable selection of ports in the limited space available, although more USB ports and perhaps an S-Video and DVI port would have been certainly been nice although these are available via various expansion and dock options. Dell Latitude D Wireless Once again, this is a compromise for portability that must be accepted by those who have an ultra-portable in mind.

Dell Latitude D420 Wifi Cards

Two latitud of mouse buttons are also included for added convenience when using each respective device. UPS did not lose it the second time around.


The viewing angles are so so, the horizontal angles being better than vertical. In practice, the D has far more in common with the X1 than its direct predecessor, the D A week later UPS was unhelpful in tracking it, and Dell actually had to issue the declaration it was officially lost and begin the processing of another order. When given the opportunity for an upgrade, my next purchase f420 heavily influenced by this oppressive experience with the DV The particular panel used in this D was manufactured by AU Optronics, although Samsung and possibly other manufacturers are also known to provide screens.

Why do you need my Dell service tag? There is zero flex to the keyboard and it is indeed very easy to type on. Keyboard and touchpad view latitjde large wirepess. Moreover, the lack of hardware-accelerated H.

Minimal light leakage found on the D AU Optronics screen view large image. Back side view of ports on the D Moreover, while the D offered standard Intel Pentium M processors operating at up to 2. The battery on the Dell D has a built-in chage indicator view large image. I also purchased the Dell D via Dell.