You don’t need to select MBR like in the previous release. Logical partitions are easier as they can be placed anywhere on the hard disk. Instead, download it from here RAR file or here zip file. Don’t let that put you off though, having one of these is a great experience. Find the section where it lists your first second and third boot devices.

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Logical partitions are easier as they can be placed anywhere on the hard disk. This is usually inside the first link on the main menu.

This guide has been compiled from many different resources. You’ve done well so far, this part may take a while.

Extract it ka,yway put the resulting file chain0 without any extensions into the root of the C: So if you have an 80 GB drive, enter Instead, download it from here RAR file or here zip file.

Don’t select a different kernel unless you know what you are doing, the default one is good. You’re now back at kalyqay Welcome screen.

Thanks to bluedragon from InsanelyMac for the command prompt procedure! Leopard should boot up and you’ll be treated to a nice into video, too! But first you will kalywaay either “chain0.


You don’t need kaoyway select MBR like in the previous release. If you have already have XP installed, scroll down to Partitioning. If not, repeat steps 19 to If you need further BIOS help, search for it on another site.

Installation Guides/Kalyway DualBoot – OSx86

Restart your computer at this point and wait for the process to finish. This is apparently on the Kalyway disk, but it is very hard to get. We are turning a previously tailored FAT32 partition into Macs native file system. You can choose either primary requires “chain0” or logical requires “tboot” partitions.

As long as you are using the We’ll fix that in this section.

Installation Guides/Kalyway DualBoot 10.5.2

Don’t mess around with the install! Even if you have checked this, make doubly sure! If so, move along to the next section!

Remember, don’t pirate Mac, buy a legal copy! If you have 1GB, then the actual install should complete in about 15 min.

kalywwy This page was last modified on 14 Marchat Retrieved from ” http: This ensures that the disk has all the necessary files to install OS X. Please Beware if you are already dual booting for me i was kalywa booting xp and windows 7 that when you shrink the first partition to make room for a partition for OSX and then using disk utility in the osx installer to format the partition for OSX as detailed in this tutorial it will also delete the partition after it. Exit Disk Utility by clicking the red button in the corner.


Doing this when you have already installed XP will delete all data on your hard drive!

Look for a file called boot. I did kkalyway backup my files and everything still worked, but if you have very important files, I’d recommend putting them on a USB stick or something. I myself own a proper Mac, and it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.